Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I've done it and I know people are now doing it to me. "She looks like she's going to pop!" Well, today at work, it was finally said to me for the first time. An anonymous guy came in today wanting information about our company. He was a very nice guy--very good looking as well. As I stood up to go get someone to help him "more thoroughly", he says to me "Oh, I'm sorry to make you get up". Nah, I get up all day to run errands so I wasn't bothered. As he was leaving, he told me "Congratulations!" as I said "Thank you!" and of course he shot back with "You look as though you're going to pop!" I gave a polite "ha ha, have a nice day.".....It was finally said out loud to me. Sad.

Are You Wearin' Yer Green?

Today is Earth Day and I've never really acknowledged it before except for maybe in grade school. I know it's about recycling and keeping our clean and being GREEN...but as I look around me and take in the beauty that Heavenly Father has created for us, I am so greatful for this wonderful place to live. Utah. The beautiful mountains! I feel so safe and secure surrounded by them. ---I know, I know... we live right on the fault line, which one day will be a disasterous surprise... I'll take the beauty for now though :P Just on Thursday as I was outside to get the mail our tulips hadn't bloomed, but as I was looking outside impatiently awaiting my mom's arrival home, I looked down to see the blooming bright yellow, pink, and red tulips.---Soon to be eaten by the deer, but we'll enjoy them while we can :) I've lived in Utah my whole life and have gotten to enjoy the beautiful changing seasons. From the snow melting, to the flowers blooming and grass getting it's beautiful green on, to the leaves changing in the fall and the snow getting us stuck in the winter.

This makes me greatful for the sun and the beautiful sunset that we get to see nightly.

I love the changing of the leaves getting ready for the fall!

Anywho, enough of my ramblings...It's a nice day out today, make sure to take in the beauty around you!! And maybe do pick up that piece of trash that person walking in front of you littered...that can be your good deed for the day :D Happy Earth Day everyone!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Time...It Sure Does Fly!!!

I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by! This week I am going into my 34th week of pregnancy. WOW! Thinking back when I was just 21 and 22 weeks and thinking that was far along and thinking I was never going to get to the point of where I am now. Where I am now, I'm thinking 40 weeks will never come... It's coming though and it's sneaking up quicker than we think! I am so nervous and excited at the same time. My emotions are all over the place. Of course, who wouldn't be nervous to give birth?!? HELLO!? But at the same time I am so excited to meet this little precious boys face and see his little precious fingers and toes, his little feet that have been kickboxing me all these months.

That is the most current picture of me with my belly looking like it's going to POP! Feeling at times like I'm going to pop too! On Saturday I was preparing the house for my mom's homecoming today by cleaning up the house. I was hoping to sweep, mop, clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, vacuum, etc.. I cleaned the kitchen--took a break. Swept half the kitchen--took a break..swept the other half the kitchen. I decided against mopping--I mean it's been me living at the house alone for a week and almost a half...I'm not that messy ;) I just couldn't stand the standing up any longer. So, I decided the cleaning of the bathrooms and vacuuming, that would have to wait til Sunday. It's amazing how once the shopaholic I was...I have no urge, no spark to go out and do any shopping whatsoever. This pregnancy has saved me a ton of $$$ moolah! $$$ Well, speaking of cleaning and my mom, she has been gone for almost a week and a half. My brother works for RC Willey and every year if he sells a certain amount he earns a trip, all expenses paid. This year it was a cruise up the Danube River with ports throughout Germany and Austria (I think..I wasn't informed all that much). But he and his wife just had a baby a month ago--that darling little girl I posted pictures of, Madelyn. So, she wasn't up to going, so he invited my mom. Have they had fun? I don't know. Are they safe? I don't know. When are they coming home? I don't know. I WISH SHE WOULD CALL!!! I know they are coming home today, but I have no idea what time! My brother called my sister in law for about 5 minutes and said it was $.99 a minute...for that price, I know my mom wasn't going to call ;) This week I have been sick with a sinus infection and being pregnant with that is extremely miserable. Not having your mom or someone there to say "Everything is going to be alright" or just to comfort you...well, it gets lonely and it seems like the sinus infection was 10x worse---plus I'm just a baby and need my mommy. I will say that I take my mom for granted and I have missed her soo much and will be so happy when she gets home. I appreciate her so much for all she does. I'll finally have a decent dinner. Haha, JK.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Fill In

1. Last night I saw "Survivor" and was pleased by the results :)
2. My ringtone "Milkshake" by Kelis makes me wanna dance!
3. Splitting a few appetizers between friends doesn't make me feel so fat and full at the end of my meal :)
4. Patrick Dempsey (hubba hubba) is someone I'd like to get to know better.
5. The smell of rain and fresh cut grass reminds me so much of springtime!
6. I took a tylenol and went to bed and that made it all better.
7. And as for right now, this occupied my time, but today I'm looking forward to getting off at 5:00 and spending time with my mom before she leaves for a week. Tomorrow my plans include sleeping in and taking it easy and then getting ready for the day and running the necessary errands...that is if necessary :P

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Colors of the Rainbow

I love carrots and I love wikipedia. I look everything up on wikipedia :) Today as I was sitting at my desk eating my carrots, I thought I'd look up carrots to see what it had to say about them. I had no idea carrots grew in different colors..not just orange, but white, yellow, red, and purple. I wonder if they all taste the same? I think that if they did taste the same, after all the years of just eating orange carrots, I would have a hard time eating the different colors. It's kind of like Ketchup. Heinz came out with different colors. I LOVE ketchup! I can eat it on anything (well, almost anything). But when they came out with purple, blue and green ketchup, I could not bring myself to even trying it. It might taste the same, but red is what I know. Just like carrots...orange is what I know. It also says that carrots can be defined as a fruit and a vegetable because carrot jam is a Portuguese delicacy. GROSS! I'll stick to rasberry jam, thanks. Am I picky? Come on... someone has to agree with me on this. My mom says I'm picky with my food. If deli meat has been in the fridge over a week, I won't eat it. If ice cream has been in the freezer longer than a couple weeks--it gets sticky and icy. Smells on certain foods start arising and colors start happening. My mom says its just cause I'm paranoid. Anyway, I just wanted to share my view on carrots hee hee The purple carrots look putrid! I wonder if they taste anything like beets?? hmmm.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What the Hail?

I listened to the weather, but I didn't think we it would come our way....

Within 5 minutes this is what was in front of our doors at work. It started as little rain drops, then tiny hard pieces of hail smacking the windows. Thunder---where was the lightning I do so love?? I guess I'll take the thunder ;) I'm so happy I could be inside to enjoy this....looking from my desk to see my freshly cleaned car be covered in hail :) Afterall, April showers bring May flowers!!!

On another note, this weekend was conference weekend! Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch all sessions. I did watch Saturday morning session, that afternoon I watched my niece and nephews while Aly and Nick got moving the rest of their stuff over to their new house! When the kids are home--Noggin rules the TV. Sunday morning we headed up to Ogden to my uncles house for a bbq birthday party for Grandma Burleigh--she turns 88 on Wednesday, April 9!!! So we listened to the morning session of conference on the way up-- I can't tell you how much I love President Uchdorft! He is a great speaker! I am sad I didn't get to hear President Monson's talk, but the wonderful thing about Comcast---On Demand!! :D I always look forward to the Ensign coming out also to actually read through the talks.

Grandma Burleigh's birthday party was really fun! It was a houseful! Not all my cousins were there but more than not. It's funny, you ask my grandma how she's doing and she says "I'm 88". She sure is feelin it! After the party it was nice to come home and just relax. It was weird to come home to an empty house. I mean an empty house because Aly and Nick have completely moved out. My kiddies are gone. They bought a home in the Lehi/Highland area. I am going to miss those kids! It's so weird to not wake up in the night when I go to the restroom and not hear Talan crying. Or when I make my lunch in the morning, hear him gooing. It's weird to not see Bryton's baseballs and footballs in the living room and Hadley's dolls and princess stuff out. When they first moved in with us, Talan was just a newborn, we've seen him grow up and move from stage to stage. We have gotten attached to these kids! I'm going to miss them!!

Bryton, future pro!!! He loves his footballs...especially if their red...Go UTES!

Pink, Pink, Pink!!! She loves Pink!

He loved Had's pink hat! Such an innocent boy.. for now ;) haha

I'm gonna miss these kids! Having them live with us for the last year has been so fun and entertaining! Everyday when I would come home from work, Talan would crawl over to me and I would pick him up and take him downstairs with me. If there were ever days I would get home and walk past him, oh would he get upset!! I'm going to miss that!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


It is amazing to me how prayers are answered. It is a strength to my testimony. They may not be answered in the way we might like them to be, but the way Heavenly Father answers them, is the way He knows best for our lives. We might get an answer so quickly or the answer may come days, months...maybe years from when we asked. The answer may be sitting right in front of us, but not be the one we are looking for, because we are blinded by our own answer.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!

April 1st is always a fun day! Though I've never been creative at being able to pull of fun tricks I have gotten to see those around me pull them off, my sister is one of them. She has two boys and each year they know my sister Teressa is going to do something... they just wait in anticipation. I can't remember everything she has done, but a couple things I do remember she did last year was when they were sleeping, she painted their fingernails bright pink! They wanted that off immediately!!! For breakfast she put water in their cereal. The boys are good sports and love April Fools Day! Teressa's friend plays serious jokes on her husband. Last year she had a friend call her husband and pretend she was calling from the OB-GYN office saying that the Pregnancy Test came back and it was positive. ---Note, this couple is in their 40's. That threw him for a loop!
Happy April Fools Day!!!