Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy 8 Months

He's grown up so fast...

Happy 8 months to my Peanut!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


There's a lot that has happened in the life of Ashlee since...oh, December.
I was last telling you how I had read Twilight..
Which by the way,
I am now on Breaking Dawn.
I can tell you, they are very good books, and you can't just read the first one... but I do have to say, this last one, is a little on the weird side...
Sorry Stephanie Meyers.

Aside from Twilight, way back in December,
our family had our yearly family Christmas party!
Not only did we get a visit from Santa...
but Jared, Amanda and Max were able to come down!!
Best Christmas party EV-ER.Max was fascinated with Santa's beard and glasses...
So much that he just wanted to pull them right off!

He is a cheeser for the camera!! It was like a magnet...
He could be crying and you could hold the camera up and he'd smile for it :D
Such a cutie.

My nieces and nephews loved to hold Max...
The boys would throw a ball up in the air and Max thought
that was just the most hilarious thing he ever did see,
he was giggling so hard...too cute!

We couldn't get enough of the smiles on camera...
I think he has thee cutest smile EV-ER!

I don't think you can kiss him enough!!
And by the look on his face... I don't think he minds ;)

That had to be the best Christmas present ever.

Christmas came and went fairly quick!
I had a great Christmas...
It was very low key...
Just me and my mom, then the whole fam later that evening,
with the most snow I think I've ever seen on Christmas Day.
It truly was a White Christmas!
We are very grateful Aly and Nick made it home safely in the blizzard they hit in Lehi, in which they were blessed with a good samariten snow plower to guide them home.

The New Year.. New job.. New President..
I do not work at SISEL International anymore..
My last day was December 29 and I started a new job at Circle Pix on December 30!
I'm happy for this new year and what it has in store...
I have set goals this year that I plan to accomplish!

If you didn't notice...

There is a new president in office.
Hopefully he can bring some CHANGE to what is coming of this economy!

On another note...
January 10, 2009
My sweet, adorable, handsome little Max
was blessed and sealed for time and all eternity to the amazing Jared and Amanda.
This picture is priceless.
They are the cutest family EV-ER!!!
I had the opportunity of a life time to go to Max's blessing with my mom.
The Spirit was amazing.
Max looked like a little angel in all his white.
I was able to meet Jared's wonderful parents who
drove all the way from Ohio.

I was able to meet both Jared and Amanda's extended family,
who are all amazing!

I am so grateful for this opportunity and for having
Jared, Amanda and Max in my life.I love my Peanut.