Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A long time ago...

Did you know that I got married? Sure did...'bout 7 1/2 months ago, February 5, 2010. You wouldn't know it if you know me only from my blog. I have slightly slacked a little since the marital bliss has entered my life. I decided I needed to start blogging again and wanted to share my bridals/groomals. My talented sister Emily and her husband JP took our photos and did a fabulous job! We had to choose from over 1,000 pictures...and I am very indecisive for those of you who know me---It's taken me over an hour to choose which photos to post on this blog! Enjoy them.. I will save our wedding date photos for another post ;)

The bat mobile in the background was a must.

I love this picture.

He's so handsome.

I like my dress. A lot.


I was freezing. It felt good to be wrapped up in his arms. Even if it wasn't freezing.

I made my own bouquet for my bridals! I was pretty proud. lol

Yes, I do have a middle finger. I just love this picture :)

I love these shoes.

Stay tuned for more from the wedding day!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ooooh nice.

I know I probably should have changed my blog name after I announced what the name was going to be... I didn't want anyone to steal it, after all, it is pretty great. We are THEE Peterson's. I apologize if I didn't know some of your emails to share my wonderful new name, however, I am sure it will get to you sooner or later after you realize avirchow.blogspot.com is no longer there.


It has a nice ring to it.