Tuesday, May 27, 2008

High School Memories Tag

1. If you could go back and tell your teenage self one thing, what would it be? 
Be happy and enjoy it while I can

2. Did you do any extra curricular activities in high school? 
None, I just hung out with friends a lot, plus I just wanted to get done and outta there.

3. What did you do with your free time? 
Worked at Zubs Pizza and Subs and hung out with friends

4. Coolest thing you did as a teenager?
Me and my friend Lindsay were 'N Sync freaks in Jr. High and went to a few concerts and went up to SLC whenever they had appearances, we thought that was pretty cool then. 

5. Did you have a boyfriend in high school? 
No, I kept to myself and just stayed with friends. I had guy friends but never went beyond friends.

6. Songs that come to mind?
I was in to Puddle of Mud and Nickleback. I'll just stop right there. :P

7. If you could change one thing, what would it be? 
I wish I would have saved my money a little better for college.

8. What did you think you would be when you grew up? 
I wanted to be a teacher or go into business. I have no idea what I want to do now though...

9. Picture of self.
Me (on the very left) and my friends our Senior year at my friend Chalysse's house for our Last Chance Dance (Girls choice dance)...I asked Dan DeWitt. 
10. Craziest thing you did in high school. 
I wasn't the crazy type really.. My friends and I would go see what all the hype was about draggin main in Spanish Fork until it got scary and we got followed and never did that again, but we always got crazy on our own in our backyards just hangin out :)

I tag ANYONE who wants to reminisce of the good ol days of high school :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Diet Coke... Does a Baby Good!

So, kids are never satisfied with water, milk, you know the stuff that's good for em'....
They know the good stuff when they see it...and taste it ;) hahaha This is my one year old nephew Talan last Sunday... He wanted every last drop of that Diet Coke left, and oh did he try!!! He had us all laughing hysterically! 

*Note: No children were harmed with the digestion of Diet Coke during the taking of this picture. hee hee

Monday, May 12, 2008

In Loving Memory

When I first moved to Springville my ward was full of families that consisted little families of all boys. When they would try for another...a boy...another...boy. Soon there was so much building our neighborhood that was just four streets had to be split into two wards. But not forgetting those that were in our ward and always keeping in touch. As I sat in Sacrament yesterday waiting for my mom to arrive from work, i'm listening to the 2nd counselor as he is saying that we keep the Dalley's in our prayers and funeral services for Brother Dalley will be on Tuesday. My heart started racing.. I knew two Dalley families, one in our current ward and one in our ward that was split a couple years back. I immediately thought it was the father of the Dalley's in our current ward, as he is a fireman for the Provo Fire Department. I looked around and didn't see their family, my thoughts were racing. Just then my mom walked in. I asked her if she heard about them. She told me it was the Dalley's 18 year old son, Britton Dalley. They were in our old ward. Their family was one of many with 5 of boys. My mom tried to tell me as much as she knew, she had heard from her friend at work. I then talked to his friends mom that is in our ward. On Tuesday he was driving home and had a seizure and wrecked his car. Come to find out, he had a tumor on his brain the size of an egg. They did surgery to remove the tumor, but then died Wednesday of a stroke. He had no signs of this tumor until the seizure. His family was such a wonderful family! I remember him in our ward, he was such a neat kid, he always smiled at you and opened the door, very polite. Here is his obituary if you would like to see what a great kid he was.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Just use a little Dubya Dee...

I found this very interesting as I thought WD-40 was only used on hinges to get the squeak out. I received this in a forward from my sister and HAD to share it because, like me.. I know you'll be amazed at the things a little WD-40 can do ;) The email read:

I had a neighbor who had bought a new pickup. I got up very early one Sunday morning and saw that someone had spray painted red all around the sides of this beige truck (for some unknown reason). I went over, woke him up, and told him the bad news. He was very upset and was trying to figure out what to do probably nothing until Monday morning, since nothing was open. Another neighbor came out and told him to get his WD-40 and clean it off. It removed the unwanted paint beautifully and did not harm his paint job that was on the truck. I'm impressed! WD-40, who knew?

Water Displacement #40. (WD-40)... The product began from a search for a rust preventative solvent and degreaser to protect missile parts. WD-40 was created in 1953 by three technicians at the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company. Its name comes from the project that was to find a "water displacement" compound. They were successful with the fortieth formulation. Hence... they named it.... WD-40. The Corvair Company bought it in bulk to protect their atlas missile parts.

Ken East (one of the original founders) says there is nothing in WD-40 that would hurt you.When you read the "shower door" part, try it. It's the first thing that has ever cleaned that spotty shower door. If yours is plastic, it works just as well as glass. It's a miracle! Then try it on your stovetop... Voila! It's now shinier than it's ever been. You'll be amazed.

Here are some of the uses:
1) Protects silver from tarnishing.

2) Removes road tar and grime from cars.

3) Cleans and lubricates guitar strings.

4) Gives floors that 'just-waxed' sheen without making it slippery.

5) Keeps flies off cows.

6) Restores and cleans chalkboards.

7) Removes lipstick stains.

8) Loosens stubborn zippers.

9) Untangles jewelry chains.

10) Removes stains from stainless steel sinks.

11) Removes dirt and grime from the barbecue grill.

12) Keeps ceramic/terra cotta garden pots from oxidizing.

13) Removes tomato stains from clothing.

14) Keeps glass shower doors free of water spots.

15) Camouflages scratches in ceramic and marble floors.

16) Keeps scissors working smoothly.

17) Lubricates noisy door hinges on vehicles and doors in homes.

18) It removes black scuff marks from the kitchen floor. Use WD-40 for those nasty tar and scuff marks on flooring. It doesn't seem to harm the finish and you won't have to scrub nearly as hard to get them off. Just remember to open some windows if you have a lot of marks.

19) Bug guts will eat away the finish on your car if not removed quickly.

20) Gives a children's play gym slide a shine for a super fast slide.

21) Lubricates gear shift and mower deck lever for ease of handling on riding mowers.

22) Rids kids rocking chairs and swings of squeaky noises.

23) Lubricates tracks in sticking home windows and makes them easier to open.

24) Spraying an umbrella stem makes it easier to open and close.

25) Restores and cleans padded leather dashboards in vehicles, as well as vinyl bumpers.

26) Restores and cleans roof racks on vehicles.

27) Lubricates and stops squeaks in electric fans.

28) Lubricates wheel sprockets on tricycles, wagons, and bicycles for easy handling.

29) Lubricates fan belts on washers and dryers and keeps them running smoothly.

30) Keeps rust from forming on saws and saw blades, and other tools.

31) Removes splattered grease on stove.

32) Keeps bathroom mirror from fogging.

33) Lubricates prosthetic limbs.

34) Keeps pigeons off the balcony (they hate the smell).

35) Removes all traces of duct tape.

36) Folks even spray it on their arms, hands, and knees to relieve arthritis pain.

37) Florida's favorite use is: "cleans and removes love bugs from grills and bumpers."

38) The favorite use in the state of New York WD-40 protects the Sta tue of Liberty from the elements.

39) WD-40 attracts fish. Spray a LITTLE on live bait or lures and youwill be catching the big one in no time. Also, it's a lot cheaper than the chemical attractants that are made for just that purpose. Keep in mind though, using some chemical laced baits or lures for fishing are not allowed in some states.

40) Use it for fire ant bites. It takes the sting away immediately and stops the itch.

41) WD-40 is great for removing crayon from walls. Spray on the mark and wipe with a clean rag.

42) Also, if you've discovered that your teenage daughter has washed and dried a tube of lipstick with a load of laundry, saturate the lipstick spots with WD-40 and re-wash. Presto! Lipstick is gone!

43) If you sprayed WD-40 on the distributor cap, it would displace the moisture and allow the car to start.

P.S. The basic ingredient is FISH OIL.

P.P.S. I keep a "miniature" size can of WD-40 in my kitchen cabinet over the stove. It is good for oven burns or any other type of burn. It takes the burned feeling away and heals with NO scarring.

OK, UH-MAZING huh?? Who knew it was used for so much...you're gonna go out and buy a can now if you don't already have one aren't you?? I know if made me want to :P hee hee

Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh WOW...

The days are coming. There are only 35 days left. I can't watch A Baby Story anymore...way too freaky. I look at the women on there after they get the epidural and they are still screaming their guts out!!! UMM, excuse me.. I thought the epidural was to help so you're NOT screaming. My caseworker at LDSFS was telling me that sometimes it works and sometimes it takes awhile---well, mine better work...quick...or no one is going to want to be standing next to me. I feel the Braxton Hicks, but to be honest.. I don't know if I have felt a real contraction? Last night I woke up and was doubled over in a pain for about under a minute. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't comfortable. I guess I will know in a few weeks what a contraction feels like and can say or not if that was a true contraction.

My mom is gone once again. She is off to Ohio for my niece, Bella's baptism for one week. At least this time we can keep in touch and she isn't on the other side of the world. :) This morning as I was leaving for work and saying goodbye to her, she patted my tummy and said "You stay in there kiddo until I get back!" I don't think she has anything to worry about, but that would be awful to go into labor without my mom by my side. She has been my #1! If you don't know my mom, you should. She is the sweetest woman you'll ever meet...she's so bubbly and friendly and would do anything for anyone. She works at an IHC Instacare so she knows a lot of people, so when I say my last name, people ask if i'm her daughter and just go on about her how wonderful she is.. Yep, that's my mom :) haha I have to brag because she is my best friend has been nothing but supportive throughout my pregnancy.

She is a wonderful mother of 6 daughters and 2 sons and a loving grandma of 24 grandkids who love her so much!! That was so fun to get together with all the family on Easter, if you want to see more pictures you can visit my sister JanaRae's blog. It includes pictures of when they all went down to Zion's! (which sadly I wasn't able to go--I wasn't up to the hiking at 7 1/2 mo pregnant ;) ) But they are fun pictures to see of the fam all together!!