Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Poor Sweet Pea...

Max is scheduled for surgery on September 26, 2008 with Dr. Faizi Siddiqi. In preparation for his surgery, Max had to meet with an orthodontic surgeon, Dr. Yamashiro, to be placed with a NAM device. The NAM device is a retainer for his mouth that starts moving the tissue and bones of the gum lines in preparation for surgery. Jared and Amanda said that the dr. said it wouldn't bother him and he'll get use to it....but how would you get use to a huge plastic retainer coming out of your mouth like this? I love this picture. His eyes are so blue and beautiful. He looks so old and looks like he's about to smile :D I love my Max.

My love goes out to Jared and Amanda for taking such great care of my precious little peanut. They are giving him the help he needs, the life and love he will always cherish.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Max's first photoshoot

One thing I know, I will never have to go without is photos. :) When Max was about a week and a half, (correct me if I'm wrong) he got his first professional photoshoot done!! When I saw all of the pictures, I was speechless. From the peach fuzz on his back, to the glow in his eyes looking at his mother, they are beautiful pictures... Pictures I will cherish forever. Here is a sample of just what I am talking about.....

It's been awhile..

I love coming to my blog and seeing the pictures of my precious little boy and hearing the song by Sarah McLachlan, 'Ordinary Miracle'. I've not wanted to post anything new because I love seeing his sweet little face right up at the top. But I realize, it has been awhile since I have posted anything new. 

I cannot believe how summer has flown by and August is already near. I am starting school this fall, which I am very happy about---we'll see, ask me after it's started ;) I'm not starting out with a heavy load. There is a math program at New Century Learning in Orem that is an 8 or 16 week course and only has a few class members that I am enrolled in. When you have finished the course and taken the test--and passed, obviously, you transfer the credits to UVU. So, we shall see how that works out :) 

This last week I was able to get together with a few friends from  high school for dinner. My friend, Lindsay Lostetter came in town from San Diego to our friend Chalysse Petro's wedding--now Chalysse Dickens. So, Wednesday night Carrie Rigby, Kirsten Mottishaw-Patten, Megan Carlson-Curtis, Jessica Hudson-Weight, Lindsay Lostetter, Tia and her girlfriend, and I went to Los Hermanos for dinner. It was so fun to see everyone again, to hear what everyone is up to and reminisce of the good ol times in High School!! 

On Saturday Chalysse got married and looked gorgeous!! Everything was so perfect and so beautiful... I was crying even before her dad started to walk her down the isle! I am so happy for her and Michael!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4 Weeks!

My precious little peanut is 4 weeks today! I cannot believe how time has gone by and he is getting so big! I remember so clearly 4 weeks ago holding him and looking into his beautiful face, spending that treasured and heartfelt time with him. I never knew in all my life that I could love someone as much as I love Max. 
In just 4 weeks, his face has filled out, he has gotten longer, stonger and become more alert...also, he celebrated his first holiday, Independence Day
Wow, he's so flippin cute!! I absolutely love this kid.
Going in for the Ssstttrrreeetttccchhh!!!
I have had friends talk to me about my situation and whether they think photos and an open adoption are a good thing or not because they have had similar situations in their families. I can honestly say, I am so very grateful for Jared and Amanda in their wanting to keep Max in an open adoption. I was so hesitant at first whether or not I wanted photos and emails after he was born, if that would make it hard or not---Seeing photos of him and hearing how he is doing does such wonders and makes me so happy to see that I have made the right decision, that he is getting the care he needs, that they are all so happy together. This truly was meant to be. My love for Max will never die, it will never fade. He holds a special place in my heart, always

Attack of the Snails!

They're ugly, they're slimey, they're gross, and did I mention they're ugly? Snails. Ewwwww. I hate them with a passion. Living in the basement with all the spiders, I've long learned to get a huge, long roll of toilet paper and kill the buggers, but still cannot manage to grab a grotesque snail by the shell. They're eating my moms plants and flowers bare, they leave they're nasty little slime tracks on the side walk....Is it true if you leave a cup of beer on the ground they'll smell it and climb in and drown??? HMMMMM.....24 Pack anyone???
Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I had my music going in my room when I heard a noise...Which is freaky because i'm in the basement all by myself. I turned my music down, but couldn't tell if it was my mom upstairs or the water from me getting in the shower earlier on. I turned my music back on and continued back to what I was doing. Later on, as I got into bed and was reading my book I heard something outside my window. --Do note, I am in the basement and outside my window is the window well, so I was a little freaked. I thought at first it was the wind blowing the bush against my window, but then I realized, the wind wasn't blowing.. It was a scratching and almost moaning noise, but don't leave it up to me to describe it haha I was a little freaked. I didn't dare open my blinds, so I called on my cell phone upstairs---hearing my mom's feet race to get the phone, I have her come down to hear the noise. Of course it's 10:30 p.m. and dark outside so we are unable to see outside my blinds, but as my eyes adjust to the dark I can see something dark dripping down the window well and and object right above it. Of course the worst of the worst of thoughts come through my head---Was that blood dripping down the well? Was that object an animal? My mom and I both didn't know what was outside my window, I wasn't going to go out there and I wasn't going to let my mom go out there alone, so we decided to call Todd Fischio, our neighbor. He came over bravely with his flashlight, my mom and I followed him hesitantly over by my window.. As we looked we could see nothing at first.. Come to find out, the object I thought was an animal, was a rock. The dark stuff dripping down the well, that was just mud. It's amazing what your imagination can do to you. BUT, as far as the noise, we found the culprit.. The attack of the Killer Snail! That ugly, gross, slimey thing was simply trying to get across my window, vibrating it and scratching it, only to get to my mom's plants to get some dinner. Unfortunately, he didn't make it. Todd did us a little favor, thank you, Todd.. He sent him to a little place called Snail Hell.
So, in the end, there was no foaming at the mouth animal outside my window trying to kill me and I was able to sleep peacefully through the night. :)
I still hate snails with a passion.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunday Family Fun

I can honestly say, yesterday was the best day I've had in awhile--Spiritually and emotionally. I am so grateful for everyone's prayers and love and support. Yesterday was fast Sunday, and I have not been able to fast for over 10 months now and to get back and going to church, It was a great feeling!

This last week we have had the opportunity of having JanaRae, Steve and the kids here in Utah! It was a fun week being able to see them and spend time with them. They are moving to Colorado from Ohio, so they will definitely be closer and hopefully we can see them more often! Today they were driving back to Colorado, then driving back to Ohio next week. --can't say I'm jealous of that drive ;) Yesterday was the Sunday we all got together for dinner. We went to the Mapleton park, had a foot race, a three legged race, played baseball and even saw Polygamists!..oh and had the yummiest chicken and my mom's potato salad and much, much more!! You can see in the picture, everyone getting all ready for the foot race---As Teressa is getting everyone excited, flailing her arms around. ;) hee hee I just sat back, watched and laughed....There was no serious face on any spectator when the three legged race came around---except for the adults trying to beat the children. Aly and Teressa's strategy? "Center...Center....Center", trying to keep their feet sync with one worked, they won as they jumped over the finish line---Aly thinks she pulled a muscle...I would say so, by the way they were hopping into first! This pic isn't the best, but it's the best my little camera phone could do! Did I mention everyone used DUCT TAPE to tie their legs together??
Aly gave Talan to JP while she went to participate in the three legged race, he sat on JP's lap in a daze, nice and comfy. My phone doesn't do it justice, but it was too cute to not capture! It was a fun night at the park, considering the sprinklers turning on while we were eating (I don't know why they bother watering now, their grass as you can tell from the pictures is already looking like hay! Maybe by watering at 6 pm they think it will revive it???) It sure was a fun filled Sunday evening, I'm glad we got to spend time with JanaRae, Steve and the kids!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back to Work...

I started back to work yesterday and I can honestly say, it feels great! I love to work with my friends and in such a positive environment. It's a good feeling to actually wake up and not mind going into work. Today Janna wanted to take me to lunch so we decided to invite the Creative department, Julie, Bev, Bonnie and Jared and went to Dalton's in Payson. It was such a good time and fun to visit with everyone outside of work.  
I have a workout partner!! YAY!!! I have always had the hardest time working out on just my own, but if I have someone else that I can support and they can support me, then I'm good to go! :D So I discovered that my Gold's Gym pass hasn't expired and doesn't expire for awhile. My friend Janna has a pass also, so there we have it! :)