Saturday, November 13, 2010

Operation Smile

I started Tweeting awhile back...I now have 6 or so followers--GO ME! lol. I am @thedietcokegirl if you would like to follow me. Its kind of like my blogging... not often. If you are on Twitter, let me know and I can start stalking you...I mean follow you. :)

I follow Operation Smile on Twitter. They are a charity organization who travels around the world and provide free surgeries on children with cleft lips and cleft palates for the families who are less fortunate. They always have such sweet pictures and stories of children and their families coming to screenings for Operation Smile. It's heart melting.

The other day I clicked on the pic of the day of a dad snuggling his son during the screening in Managua, Nicaragua. So precious, I love it!

Owly Images

I have such a soft spot in my heart for little kids and babies with clefts. As many of you know, Max was born with a cute little cleft and I couldn't imagine him any other way!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A long time ago...

Did you know that I got married? Sure did...'bout 7 1/2 months ago, February 5, 2010. You wouldn't know it if you know me only from my blog. I have slightly slacked a little since the marital bliss has entered my life. I decided I needed to start blogging again and wanted to share my bridals/groomals. My talented sister Emily and her husband JP took our photos and did a fabulous job! We had to choose from over 1,000 pictures...and I am very indecisive for those of you who know me---It's taken me over an hour to choose which photos to post on this blog! Enjoy them.. I will save our wedding date photos for another post ;)

The bat mobile in the background was a must.

I love this picture.

He's so handsome.

I like my dress. A lot.


I was freezing. It felt good to be wrapped up in his arms. Even if it wasn't freezing.

I made my own bouquet for my bridals! I was pretty proud. lol

Yes, I do have a middle finger. I just love this picture :)

I love these shoes.

Stay tuned for more from the wedding day!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ooooh nice.

I know I probably should have changed my blog name after I announced what the name was going to be... I didn't want anyone to steal it, after all, it is pretty great. We are THEE Peterson's. I apologize if I didn't know some of your emails to share my wonderful new name, however, I am sure it will get to you sooner or later after you realize is no longer there.

It has a nice ring to it.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming Soon...

A new blog name and new posts coming soon..

Can you handle it?

Monday, January 18, 2010

...the happiest time...

Wowee, it's been a long time, which I must apologize for... I do have some good news though!!
You know that handsome guy I was telling you about earlier? Well, I kinda like him and he kinda likes me and we're kinda getting married!! I know, right? I'm excited to!!He asked me to marry him way back on November 8, 2009--- I know I'm a slacker in my blogging... I should have come to you first.
But it was so sweet....

It was Sunday morning, November 8, 2009.
He came and picked me up on his way home from work so we could go to church.. he was really in a hurry, which i thought was unusual, but didn't think anything of it..
We got to his house so he could get changed and get ready for church. I was in his family room talking to his brother that was in the kitchen eating lunch while Jake was downstairs getting ready.. he all of a sudden came up with 3 presents (mind you it was our 3 month anniversary ;) )
He handed me a paper that said "No Scrooge of Gifts Here" and told me how much he loved me and how these last 3 months have been the best 3 months of his life and what the 3 presents represented.. Past, Present and Future.
I opened them in order
The past was a blanket
He had a little paper that said what it represented. It was the blanket like when I was little, my silky when I was a baby that comforted me.
As he is my comfort now.
The present was a pair of diamond earings
The paper said they represented the shining star that I am to him they were more wordy.. but I won't bore you with the gush ;)
and the future was my empty ring box in it with a note that said how much he loved me and wanted to be with me forever through every holiday and Thanksgiving and Christmas. After I get done reading it to look at him and close my eyes. I looked at him, closed my eyes and he told me how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend forever with me. He grabbed my hand and put the ring on my finger and asked me to marry him.

Oh, I love that boy.
The big day is coming up on February 5, 2010!