Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family BBQ

I have mentioned that I love my Maxers?? When opportunities arise, Jared, Amanda and Max and I try to see each other as often as we can. It was our family dinner out in Lehi at Aly and Nick's and it had been awhile since my family had seen Jared, Amanda and Max so we decided it was time to get together! Max Loved his corn and his unique way of eating it! LOL
I couldn't believe how much this kid loved fruit! I would put the raspberries on his fingers, he thought that was pretty cool.

His dad has taught him well, he loves balls and he sure can throw one!! He carried a ball around all night long.

Max and Talan (he got a little soaked from the neighbors hose, hence the no shirt LOL)

Max's Grandma Virchow, she loves him so much!

You're not official if you don't try on Grandma Virchow's glasses on... which Max loved, they just wouldn't stay on, dang it! It was hilarious how he was letting us though, most kids hate it. LOL

He did not like the trampoline at first.. He would hold onto me for dear life and had this look of concern on his face.. I got snuggles in though!! heehee

Batter up! Max's first time batting, he thought it was pretty cool...moreso the bat than "eye on the ball"... I think Jared is on that though LOL

He warmed up to the trampoline and loved it after awhile!! He was all over it and loved being bounced :)

My little Peanut looks like a little Monkey heehee I love that kiddo.

Oh how I love Jared and Amanda so much!! They have given Max the life he deserves and I am so eternally greatful for them!! Thanks for coming down guys and letting me see the little guy!!


Amanda said...

It was so fun to come down! Thanks for having us!

Briana said...

He's getting so big! He is so adorable.